About Jon Dziadyk – Edmonton Ward 3 Councillor Candidate

About Jon

     I have worked as a professional urban planner in Edmonton for the past decade, and am a proud champion of the north side. I have a Masters degree in planning and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

     I have lived in several Canadian provinces and have extensively travelled the country. I am a proud Canadian. I joined the Royal Canadian Navy at age 29, something not done by many established people, but I wanted to serve my country. I am currently a reservist Lieutenant (Navy) Intelligence Officer and I love every minute that I spend in uniform. The accompanying picture is from my wedding day. That was the best day of my life.

     As an urban planner, I know how to develop strong communities, and I can identify when our neighbourhoods are being neglected. I know the rules. I know what works and what can be improved upon. My experience will be an asset to City Council.

     I have always been involved in my community, including serving on my community league’s board, and the City’s Vehicle For Hire Commission. I have volunteered in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, for many military charities, and I have sat on several not-for-profit boards. I am the past Treasurer for the Alberta Professional Planners Institute, the governing body for the profession. When I was in school, in served on my university’s Senate.

     In many ways I am proud of my wife, Karly. Two years ago she won the Edwin Parr award for ‘best first year teacher’ in all of Alberta. I have learned a lot from her about education delivery. I value what teachers can do for children. Education is so important. It is a shame when family units are not strong; I appreciate that our great teachers serve as role models to our children, a secondary measure if they do not have support at home. Children should belong to strong families.

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     As a hobby, I write. I have three novels available on the Internet. I have two non-fiction projects on the go, and I have a blog which critiques urban planning in Edmonton. Literacy is very important for an individual to get a better lot in life. If elected to Council, I will pursue ways to promote literacy in our city.

     I am seeking election in Ward 3 in order to defend and promote the North Side. For too long I have witnessed City Council ignoring Ward 3, and the North Side in general. I want to buck the trend of the City spending money on every single little pet project, and concentrate on what matters: crime control and the well-being of residents. As a basic principle, residents should be unburdened by excessive taxes and be able to freely pursue a life and lifestyle fitting of their preferences without the City interfering, to the extent that others are not harmed or inconvenienced.

     I am in favour of a red tape overhaul and the re-evaluation of priorities to keep property taxes low. I think that communities should grow the way they want to grow, rather than via dictation from City Hall, and I think we should listen to our seniors more—as they are the eyes and ears of our neighbourhoods.

     To the men and women who have served in our military and are now calling Edmonton home, if they are having trouble finding meaningful civilian employment, the City of Edmonton should treat their job applications with a preferred status.

     I support anyone who puts in a full day’s work to feed their family.

     Finally, I just want to say that Edmonton is a proud oil and gas town, and I think that we should not be ashamed of our principal industry. We should not hit it while it is down. Currently I’m not seeing much support from City Council.

     I am extending an open invitation to anyone in Ward 3 to set up a personal meeting with myself so we can get to know each other and I can hear your concerns with the current direction that the City is heading.

… that’s all for now, but keep your eye on the website for updates!

     Oh, and ‘Dziadyk’ is pronounced with a silent ‘D’. Classic Ukrainian name…

“Jon D for Ward 3”

Jon Dziadyk, Edmonton Ward 3 Election Candidate, Beaumaris, alderman, councilor, Castledowns, Ward 3

The Team At Home

Karly Dziadyk, Karly Hildebrandt, Dziadyk
Karly Dziadyk
All around supporter.
Karly and Jon married in 2016 and are excited to start a family
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In house poodle
Bonanza has been alongside Jon for almost 10 years.