How Pizza Slices the Canadian Experience:

An Anthology and Tribute


Call for Submissions

Submit your pizza-inspired true story, poem, essay, or recipe for inclusion in this exciting new anthology that seeks to explore Canadian identity through this cheesy medium.

The contest will be open until December 31, 2017.

The objective is to expose the power of pizza and celebrate its contributions to Canadian culture. Often, pizza is present during pivotal moments of our lives (with friends, graduations, dates, funerals, cold winter days, etc.), and I want to hear about them.

The anthology will consist of five categories, and a top prize of $200 (Canadian dollars) will be awarded for best overall entry, and $100 in each of the remaining categories (except the Recipe category, which has no prize). All published entries will be duly credited to the author, and runners-up will be honourably mentioned. Professional authors will be solicited for entries, but prizes will only be awarded to amateur authors.

The preliminary table of contents calls for submissions in the following categories:

  • 40 short non-fiction pizza stories (250-750 words)
  • 20 longer non-fiction pizza stories (1000-3000 words)
  • 25 pizza poems (of any format)
  • 5 essays on the impact of pizza on Canadian culture (750-2000 words)
  • 15 recipes (include an explanation of where the recipe is from)

Prior to being published, all materials will be professionally edited.

* Click here for the application cover letter that will accompany your submission.

Your submission could include events around pizza delivery (waited too long? Did you deliver?); dining in restaurant (quirky place? Regular/picky customer?); family get-togethers (traditions, life-event announcements); first date / romance (with whom did you share a slice?); homemade pizza (experiments, disasters?); parties (with co-workers or friends); travel / regional differences (good or bad experiences; where?); working in a pizzeria (trials and tribulations); parenting (e.g. bribing with pizza), or other topics.

About me: I have always been interested in the ways that cuisine shapes culture, and pizza is a particular passion of mine. I wrote the novel Murder By Pizza as an expression of my love for pizza, but please note that it is fiction. This anthology principally calls for true stories. If you want to be more creative, write a poem on pizza. If you want to get philosophical, write an essay on it. If you want to just share, submit your favourite recipe.

Canadian pizza varies from region to region, and the differences aren’t subtle. When I first moved to Edmonton, I didn’t care too much for the local pizza. It took me a few years to get used to the taste. Now I am a huge fan. In my thirty-plus years on the planet, I have noticed that pizza is often used during celebrations, and it is enjoyed by all walks of life. It is a unique food and consequently, I believe, there is a tale to tell about its impact on our collective identity. It is no longer a distinctly Italian dish; I believe that Canadians have equal claim to pizza in its modern manifestation.

Selection and process: Jon Dziadyk will be the sole judge of all material. The completed manuscript will be presented to Canadian publishers for print. In the event that a print run does not occur, the book will be self-published or published as an eBook (either way, it will be available for public consumption). If the book is traditionally published, all contributors will receive a print copy.

By submitting your work for consideration, you certify that it has not been published elsewhere, and that you are the owner. In a few instances, international entries will be accepted.

Tips for the short stories: Do not feel the need to mention pizza in every second sentence. Pizza should be integral to the story, but it does not need to be the focus per se.  It should be that the piece wouldn’t work without the inclusion of pizza, but you do not have to be pizza-obsessed to get my attention. Also, as this is a Canadian anthology, I hope to see submissions from all regions of Canada, and distinctly Canadian perspectives on this hot, gooey dish.


To apply, click here.

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