edmonton-social-debate-club-master-photoThis club is open to the public.


January 26:

This was a great evening. I declared my candidacy for Ward 3. It was a big night for me.

This is an example of the type of magic that happens in this club! For more info on this, see my dedicated campaign page.

… And then we debated having no limits on freedom of speech. This was a departure from our previous policy debates. The debate went well and I think there is an appetite to have more debates on philosophical and moral issues, in conjunction with debates on policy.


January 12, 2017:

Our third meeting saw two new members join the club: A great way to start the New Year.

I opened the event with a quick discussion on logical fallacies, which was received well. We are going to continue with the idea of having a quick educational session prior to starting the debates. We had time for two propositions and discussed the merits of photo radar and then we debated the role of public education in society.

Somehow we also managed to fit in a lot of laughs.


Our second meeting was held on Dec 20 and was a success.

New member Austin Redmond made us all jealous that we were not in a debate club in high school, as he was. He gave us a thorough understanding of proper debate procedures and served as a judge to our proposition “Should beat cops in Edmonton be armed with pistols?”

Here is an after action photo:


The Edmonton Social Debate Club kicked-off its first meeting on November 22! So exciting!

Q: What does this club offer?

A: The ability for Edmontonians to be able to present and defend arguments, while improving confidence and public speaking.

No club of this sort exists in Alberta. I started this club to fill a needed gap.

Here is my blog post from the first meeting.


The only other debate clubs in Alberta are for high school or university students. The Edmonton Social Debate Club is for adults (but students are welcome).

We are all amateurs in debate, but we will strive to follow proper debate procedures. House rules will surely be developed once we get into the swing of things.

The hallmark of a good debater is to present convincing arguments despite your personal beliefs. We will work on these skills. You may be asked to defend positions of which you do not believe in.

A typical meeting will start with an ice breaker, followed by some lessons in argument-building and debate procedures, followed by a formal debate. The emphasis is on debate (not conversation).

Members are from all political persuasions.

As I am an urban planner, I hope that most debate topics will be based on urban issues e.g. LRT / Rogers Place costs & benefits, Anthony Henday Drive impact (transportation vs. urban sprawl), etc., but the first meeting will decide what topics we will explore.


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