Although the federal government is responsible for national defence, the City of Edmonton can do more to honour the men and women who have served and now choose to live here. I am running in the upcoming municipal election for Ward 3. If elected, I pledge to pursue the following:

1) Create a preferential job application status to ex-military members seeking City employment for all job types: office work, manual labour, vehicle operators, etc. in order to help integrate patriotic Canadians back into civilian life. This proposed status would serve as a tie-breaker among otherwise equal candidates. Many former soldiers have challenges with the civilian world recognizing military credentials despite them being well-qualified; this measure would help rectify this injustice.

2) Support military families by providing a discount to veterans and first responders at City gyms in order to help treat PTSD through fitness.

3) Explore the renaming of 97 Street, north of the Yellowhead, to ‘Canadian Forces Trail’, and develop a parallel heritage walking path. I have written more about that here. The actual name would be agreed upon by the community. I would also find ‘Canadian Trail’ or something completely different also acceptable.

Certain qualifying criteria would have to be established for the first two points and the third initiative would require wide-spread community support. If elected, I am confident that I can work with all stakeholders to deliver on these promises. This is a solid and realistic plan.

If you support me, then I need your help. Please consider volunteering or donating, even if you do not live in Ward 3 you can still assist.


Jon Dziadyk “Jon D for Ward 3”


North Side Journal