There is something that can be said about a culture by understanding its favourite food. Above all, the anthology that I am compiling is meant to serve as a unique cross-section of Canadian culture. It is also meant to be fun.

Food is omnipresent in our lives, and that means that food was likely in the vicinity during all pivotal moments of your life. Since pizza is a popular food and a staple during celebrations, there is a good chance that it has been involved in many of your key life events. I decided an anthology would be a unique way to celebrate and share some of our greatest memories, from coast to coast.

The purpose of this post is to give me an opportunity to elaborate on my motivation for organizing the anthology. To an extent, I also hope to help promote my novel Murder By Pizza, which is a comedy about an Italian-Canadian kid who grew-up working in his family’s pizzeria, and then had his own ideas about how to improve the recipes. Trouble ensues. If you haven’t read this book, please check it out.

I want to give a shout-out to Jolene Haley. Via Google, I found that this American author had a similar anthology idea to mine. In reviewing her contest, I see some notable distinctions, however, between hers and mine. She is looking for young adult fiction (e.g. the pizza monster coming to life). I am looking for true stories that are distinctly Canadian. I am also compiling essays, poems, and recipes.

My idea, in part, was inspired by Jason Lee Norman, an Edmontonian author, who created a great anthology on winter weather. How Canadian, eh? The stories that he procured in 40 Below are not solely about winter in Alberta, but about events that occurred in and around the cold weather. If I can partially recreate his good work, I think How Pizza Slices the Canadian Experience (working title) will be a great cultural contribution to understanding Canadians.

Do you want to make a submission to my pizza anthology, or do you know someone that might? The contest is open until December 31, 2017. Please visit the anthology home page to review the requirements and prize money! If I do not receive enough good entries, I may have to extend the deadline.

If you are reading this at some point in the distant future, then hopefully the anthology has already been published. Sit back, order a pizza, read, and enjoy.



(N.B. Apologies to the first people to see the call for submissions, as originally I had the deadline in March. I have had to extend it to Dec 31 in order to ensure that all who want to submit have the chance.)








If you liked this, please consider reading one of my novels. I write on a variety of topics. The broad themes of my fiction include individualism versus collective thought, and the importance of culture and identity in society. I sometimes use humour as a tool. I sometimes use pity. Sit back, click, and enjoy.