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I am young and energetic. I am honest and ethical. I offer something very different.


As an urban planner, I know how to build strong North Side communities.

As a military officer, I am patriotic. I respect rules and law enforcement.

As an author, I appreciate creativity and freedom of speech.

I am running because I am the best person for the job

Jon Dziadyk, Edmonton Ward 3 Election Candidate, Beaumaris, alderman, councilor, Castledowns, Ward 3

  • If elected, I will utilize a city-owned space to host regular office hours within Ward 3, such as at a community league building. If you want to meet with your Councillor, you shouldn’t be forced to go downtown to do so.

  • I will fight to double the amount of North Side neighbourhoods receiving new roads and sidewalks. I will address major infrastructure issues. I will secure funding to fix Beaumaris Lake.

  • We need more safe and convenient amenities on the North Side. Instead of investing so much downtown, I will fight to invest locally. My central focus is to stand up for the North Side and improve the quality of life on the North Side.


I stand for:

  1. Re-applying Common Sense at City Hall

  2. Low Taxes, Smarter Choices, Less Downtown Spending

  3. Building Strong North Side Communities / Standing Up For the North Side.


Everything that I do follows this simple rule: “Ward 3 First, North Side Second, The Rest of Edmonton Third” because we have been getting the short end of the stick for too long and I want the residents and businesses of north Edmonton to flourish.


Issues that are important to me:

  • Respecting Families & Seniors

  • Respecting Community Leagues & Local Decisions

  • Reducing Civic Waste & Special Projects to Keep Taxes Low

  • Reducing Crime & Nuisance Traffic Tickets

  • Reforming Public Transit (increase efficiency)

  • Reforming Urban Planning (red tape overhaul)


As a Basic Principle:

“Residents should be unburdened by excessive taxes and able to freely pursue a life and lifestyle fitting of their preferences without the City interfering, to the extent that others are not harmed or inconvenienced.”


On Councillor-Citizen Relations:

“I will host regular office hours in Ward 3 to make it easier for us to meet. I will do my best to personally return all phone calls and emails; I will only use assistants to gather information. I will get you answers. I will not direct you to 311.”


On Property Taxes:

“All efforts should be made to keep taxes low. I would like to buck the trend of annual increases. If we manage our money and priorities better, we won’t have to burden property owners which will, in turn, make the purchasing of a house more affordable for those currently renting. Increasing property ownership in Ward 3 is the best way to invest in our community.” 


On Crime:

“Edmonton Police should focus on crime control and making our streets safe through community policing. I would like to give the EPS the tools they require to fight crime and there should be a great police presence in our communities–and on public transit.”


On Supporting Seniors:

“Seniors have unique challenges, the City should be mindful of this and make special accommodations where possible. The City should provide incentives for volunteers to help with snow shoveling, grass cutting, and other chores that seniors have difficulty with.”


On North Side Pride:

“I am the only candidate championing the North Side. Everything I do follows the concept of ‘Ward 3 first, north side second, and the rest of Edmonton third.’ North Edmonton has been getting the short end of the stick for too long. I will champion our residents and businesses.”


On Community Building:

“Every decision I make will be for the benefit of Ward 3 with the aim of improving the North Side in general. We can’t continue to let our infrastructure crumble while spending millions and millions on vanity projects downtown. While limiting needless spending, I will fiercely fight for the equality of the North Side.”


On Downtown Development:

“Downtown has recently been the recipient of heavy investing. Until the economy recovers, we should reduce downtown spending. With the money we would save by re-prioritizing, I would fight to improve the roads, parks, playgrounds, and snow removal in Ward 3. The remaining saved money could keep property taxes low.”


On Traffic Safety at Schools:

“Speed is generally not the concern; driver frustration is the problem, as it leads to unsafe maneuvers. We need to fix the causes of frustration and safety will follow.”


On Military Relations:

“I will push for giving veterans a preferred status, as a tie-breaker, if applying for a job with the City. These are the cases in which a member has left the military but chose to remain in Edmonton. Sometimes it is hard for them to get their first civilian job. We could extend a helping hand in recognizing their qualifications.”


On Labour:

“I support all hardworking people. My critiques of City policy have nothing to do with the people who carryout the work, but with the politicians who are out of touch with the workers. I’m in favour of investing locally and employing Edmontonians first.”


On Oil and Gas:

“I’m proud of the oil and gas industry for helping shape modern Alberta and our advanced quality of life through responsible resource extraction. Thank you to everyone that works with their hands to get a job done. Our society is dependent upon you.”


On Transit:

“We are currently not doing it right. Our system is designed for buses to feed into the LRT system. LRT is fine but we need to invest in better bus service that goes straight up and down major streets and avenues in order to increase the efficiency and convenience of the system.”


Where is Ward 3? It sits atop the proud North Side.

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If you want to be part of the discussion, or just to show support, please join the Ward 3 Facebook Page.


I am currently looking for keen individuals to help me out. No matter your skill or specialty, I have a role for you!

“Jon D for Ward 3”

My actions, comments, and promises are not sanctioned by either of my employers: Edmonton Public Schools & the Canadian Armed Forces. I am my own man.

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