The Books of Jon Dziadyk

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The Flames of a Potemkin Kingdom—Wolfgang Sinclair, a devout and extravagant global businessman with a maritime private-security firm, buys the French island of Saint Pierre after a devastating fire causes total evacuation. Egotistical colonization plans ensue—in an effort to create a utopia shaped in his image, literally.

Taking advantage of the gloomy economy, he hatches a bold artificial-insemination plan, and mothers representing the globe are amassed to birth Sinclair’s children, much to the suspicion of world leaders. Dabbling in eugenics and pedagogy, he plans out every aspect of life for the future leaders of the island kingdom.

And then there is Amelia Potvin, a timid woman who appreciates the status quo, but becomes centrally entrenched in the unfolding of Wolfgang’s bold plan—in a way she could have never anticipated or wanted.

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Murder By Pizza—This is the story of Mario Fresco as only he can tell – from his boyhood passion for pizza; his elite pizza training; and the events empowering him to become a pizza mogul, running his own shop and calling all the shots. From the lessons he learned at the Secret Traditional Pizza Academy, to the lessons he ignored from the same school. In this comedy, he sheds light on his uncompromising resolution to make pizza his own way, in the face of impossible odds.

Mario gives us a first-hand account of his relationship woes, the restaurant industry, the coercive tactics used against him, the pizza murder and trial, and his ultimate escape from jail – in this powerful and hilarious book of revenge.

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Jimmy Meets Jane Jacobs: The Time Travelling Planner—Can a single naïve urban planner change the direction of growth for an entire city? Maybe if he travels back in time to meet Jane Jacobs—he very well might have that opportunity. This is the tale of Jimmy MacDonald, who grows up overnight and finds himself in a very different Toronto than he thought he knew. What will he do?